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Musis HS

MuSIS HS is a powerful Hyper-Spectral Camera featuring Imaging Spectroscopy and Spectrometry in a wide spectral range from UV to Near Infrared.

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Musis MS

MuSIS MS is a versatile Multi-Spectral Imager integrating a series of dedicated imaging modalities in one portable and affordable imaging workstation.

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Latest News

October 2010

  • MuSIS available for services
    Multispectral imaging can be a powerful analytical tool in a plethora of applications. In case you have a specific project where multispectral imaging and analysis would be useful, we can come to the project location with all the necessary MuSIS equipment, acquire and help analyse all the necessary spectral imaging data and then hand over all the acquired data to you. And all this at competitive daily rates! Contact us to discuss the details of your project and find a customized solution that meets your needs!

May 2010

  • MuSIS at the AIC 38th Annual Meeting
    MuSIS will be demonstrated live at the Forth Photonics booth (no. 216) during the AIC 38th Annual Meeting taking place in Milwaukee 11-14 May.

March 2010

  • MuSIS at the UK's ICON CF10 Conference, Cardiff University, 25-26th March
    MuSIS will be exhibited at the Trade Show of the Conservation in Focus 2010 Conference, taking place in Cardiff University, 25-26th March. This will be the first ever conference of the UK's Institute of Conservation and will consider the broad theme of UK Conservation - past, present and future.